Denver Police detective helps care for animals in hoarding case

All but one of 22 dogs seized have been adopted

DENVER - -- UPDATE, Nov. 12: All of the 22 dogs that Detective Tammy Hurtado helped to care for have now been adopted by new families.

-- Original report, Nov. 11:

A Denver Police detective helped uncover a case of animal hoarding, but her involvement didn't stop there. 

Detective Tammy Hurtado also helped photograph, bathe and care for the 22 dogs that were seized from the apartment in September and taken to the Denver Animal Shelter.

"All animals do is give a person unconditional love, and if they can't speak for  themselves, then I want to speak for them," Hurtado told 7NEWS reporter Jaclyn Allen.

The animals were so matted that their fur had to be shaved, so Hurtado bought  coats for every single one of the mini-poodle mixes to keep them warm.

"It  was worth it. I will go without for them," she said. "And now Demarius is the only one that hasn't been adopted."

Police said 27 animals, including dogs, a cat, turtles and three dead frogs, were seized from an apartment in southeast Denver six weeks ago.

Police arrested four people on charges of animal cruelty: Ken, Linda and Karla Rumery and Ian Nelson.

"The apartment was covered in feces and urine. I don't know how people could live like that," said Hurtado.

Cmdr. Joe Montoya said Hurtado is often given animal cruelty investigations because she cares so much about the animals.

"Tammy not only was willing to give up her personal time, but was willing to dig into her own pocket to make sure those animals were taken care of," said Montoya. "I think she’s a model everyday, but now this is going to put it out to more people that this is what people can expect from a Denver police officer."

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