Denver Police arrest 5 people they believe are part of a cellphone store robbery ring

Two suspects are juveniles

DENVER - Denver Police have arrested five people who they say were involved in a robbery ring targeting local cellphone stores.

Two of the suspects are juveniles.

Court documents state that on July 1, two women who were working at the Cricket Wireless Store at 2789 W. Alameda Ave. saw two men wearing hooded sweatshirts and bandanas over their noses and mouths, jogging up the steps to the store.

The women fled into a back room and pushed the panic alarm. The hooded suspects left without any cash.

A witness told police he saw four men in a gold Honda Accord and watched as two of them got out near Dale Court and walked across the parking lot.  Two minutes later, he saw the same two men come running back. They jumped in the car and drove north on Dale Court.

Forty-five minutes after that robbery attempt, a robbery occurred at the Cricket Wireless store at 10330 E. Colfax Ave. in Aurora. The description of the suspects matched the men from the earlier robbery attempt.

Surveillance video showed the suspects' vehicle in the Aurora robbery was the same Honda used earlier in Denver.

Police eventually found the car being driven by Charles Ferrell Johnson.  He denied being involved in the robberies, but police recovered a cellphone inside the car which contained text messages referring to "a lic," which police say is street slang for robbery.

Another text stated: "My girl gets off at 2, so when do you want to? Is there something now?"  And the reply: "Yea a criccet or nail shop."

On July 29, Denver Police responded to a robbery in progress at 4401 W. Colfax Ave.

The owner of The Wireless Solution Store told police the armed robber made off with cash.

Two minutes later, police received a call from two motorists who were driving west on Colfax.

They said they saw an employee of the store chasing after another man.  Both were heading north on Tennyson Street.

Court documents state that the two witnesses followed the suspect and saw him get into a Ford Explorer.  They said they followed the Explorer until it stopped at 17th and Osceola.

That’s when the man inside got out… walked up to the Good Samaritans and pointed a gun at them. They drove away.

Police say there have been at least 11 robberies or attempted robberies since June 7, which they believe have all been committed by the same group of people.


* June 7   Cricket Wireless  2789 W. Alameda

* July 1    Cricket Wireless  2789 W. Alameda

* July 1    Cricket Wireless  10330 E. Colfax

* July 1    Cricket Wireless   3535 N. Quebec

* July 3     Wireless Solution   4401 W. Colfax

* July 3     Boost Mobile          2304 N. Federal
* July 14   Cricket Wireless     10330 E. Colfax

* July 22   Wireless Republic  4391 Federal

* July 22   Unique Wireless     2304 N. Federal

* July 25   World Comm         2412 S. Federal

* July 29   Wireless Solution   4401 W. Colfax


Police have identified the three adults arrested as Charles Johnson, Mia Cummings and Nay Sanders.  They're not releasing the names of the juveniles, nor are they releasing mugshots just yet. They say with so many robberies, there are still victims who need to review photo line-ups.


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