Denver police announce arrest in hit and run at Colfax and Josephine: Mark Skipper

DENVER - Denver Police say they've arrested a suspect in connection with the Tuesday hit and run at E. Colfax Avenue and Josephine Street that injured three pedestrians.

The department announced the arrest in a tweet at 3 p.m. About a half hour later, they revealed the suspect's name is Mark Skipper, 53.

On Wednesday afternoon, 7NEWS spoke with the woman who called police to turn in Skipper.

"He said he was sorry, my 'Skip' said he was sorry. Whatever was going on, he was sorry. (He) almost had tears in his eyes," said Gwendolyn Hartsfield.

She called police from her apartment near East Colfax Avenue and Lafayette Street, a little more than a half mile to the west of the crash.

Hartsfield said that Skipper came over between 3 and 4 p.m. on Tuesday, at the same time K-9 units were blocking off streets and alleys to the west of the bus stop.

"He was just real sweaty. He had no shirt on, just his blue jeans and his gray tennis shoes," said Hartsfield.

She said he did not appear to be hurt, but laid down on the floor in her bedroom.

"Then we sat up on the bed and he talked about -- he said he was sorry, so I said, 'Has something happened?' And he said, 'Yes, something's happened,'" said Hartsfield. "I started questioning him, 'Is someone dead?' He starts kind of mumbling. I said, 'Was there an accident?' He said, 'Yes.'"

She said she did not know about the bus stop crash until she watched the news on Wednesday.

"I said, 'You're on TV, Mark you're on TV,'" said Hartsfield. "He just motioned with his hands, like, 'OK, OK, OK.'"

She called police a little after noon and said she believed she had the suspect in the Colfax hit-and-run at her apartment.

"I opened the door and they came right in. He didn't try to run or anything. He was lying on the bed," said Hartsfield.

7NEWS asked how hard it was to call police on her boyfriend.

"It wasn't difficult because right is right," said Hartsfield.

Skipper has an 11-page arrest history in Colorado, including several arrests for motor vehicle theft, robbery, drug possession and parole violation, according to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. His CBI report says Skipper has used five different birth dates and 21 aliases.

Skipper was arrested in Denver on April 23 on an aggravated motor vehicle theft charge, CBI records state.

The hit and run occurred just before 2 p.m. Tuesday when a station wagon deflected off a light pole and careened into a group of people at a bus stop. Three people were injured.

The suspect climbed out of the driver-side window and ran away, according to witness Brandon Hamilton.

Surveillance cameras from a nearby 7-Eleven showed the suspect walking away as witnesses took his picture.

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