Denver police, activist group Anonymous argue on Twitter after officers arrest 5 at Every5th protest

DENVER - After Denver Police arrested some protesters Monday night, an argument erupted between the department and the activist group Anonymous on Twitter.

The conversation started with @YourAnonNews asking: "@DenverPolice we are curious about why your officers are following people home from a peaceful protest and assaulting them in the street."

Denver Police responded, "@YourAnonNews - we disagree with your characterization of the incident or actions of the officers."

The conversation continued:

Anonymous: @DenverPolice on what grounds do you justify ambushing people as they leave a protest? Are you denying that officers followed protesters?

Denver Police: @YourAnonNews - we ensured public safety and the right to peacefully and legally protest. And we will continue to do so.

Denver Police: @YourAnonNews - Your use of words like "assault" and "Ambush" do not make them true

Anonymous: @DenverPolice you didnt answer our question. You said you "disagree" with our "characterization of the incident" but didn't provide your own

Denver Police: @YourAnonNews - as we said, we are ensuring public safety while protecting the right to peaceful and legal protest

Anonymous: .@DenverPolice how is public safety & the right to protest served by your officers arresting individuals who are protesting police conduct?

Denver Police: @YourAnonNews - the key is to legally protest. If you break the law there are consequences.

Anonymous: @DenverPolice since today's protest was against your dept, what makes you an unbiased entity in terms of deciding when to arrest protesters?

Denver Police: @YourAnonNews - we understand your sentiment, but there is only one police department. We will agree to disagree. Good night.

That was the last tweet from the Police Department on Monday night.

A group called "Every5th" on Facebook said it meets on the 5th of every month for a day of resistance building and revolt.

The Denver Post said about 60 people joined the protest on Monday night.

On Facebook, the Every5th group said five people were arrested in Denver.

"5 arrests in the #every5th march tonight," the group wrote. "Charges for 4 are obstruction of streets or passageways & interference w/ police officer, bonds of $500. We are still waiting for info on bond/charges for the 5th."

According to the group's Facebook page, the march Monday night was to "abolish the city of Denver's war on free speech."

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