Denver paleontologist discovers new species of dinosaur, Dahalokely tokana, in Madagascar

DENVER - A Denver paleontologist says he discovered a new species of dinosaur in Madagascar.

Joseph Sertich, curator of vertebrate paleontology at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, tells The Denver Post he excavated the vertebrae and ribs of Dahalokely tokana near the city of Antsiranana in 2007 and 2010.

It took several years, but Sertich says a research team was able to confirm a new species.

He says the dinosaur would have been between 9 and 14 feet long and lived about 90 million years ago. That period of time is significant because it helps fill a gap in the fossil record.

Sertich says it's unclear if the bones will be displayed.

The name Dahalokely tokana means "lonely small bandit" in the Malagasy language.