Denver officers won't be charged in motorist beating case

Victim talks to 7NEWS

DENVER - A 23-year-old man who was beaten by three Denver police officers after he questioned their authority to search the trunk of his car says the Justice Department has decided not to charge any of the officers with civil-rights violations stemming from the case.

Alexander Landau told 7NEWS that representatives of the department and the FBI told him Friday there was insufficient evidence to bring federal charges.

Landau sued the city in 2011, saying Cpl. Randy Murr and officers Ricky Nixon and Tiffany Middleton tried to cover up the January 2009 beating. The lawsuit also accused the officers of calling Landau, who is African-American, a racial epithet during a traffic stop.

"I think back --  I was called a n**ger, I was hit by a flashlight, I was hit with a radio, had a gun put to my head --  I just don't really know what more evidence could've been produced.." 

Police said Landau reached for Middleton's gun during the traffic stop.

Landau is now waiting to hear what the Denver Manager of Safety will do with his case.  He told 7NEWS he is hopeful.

"I feel like social justice has always been a slow, slow progression," he said.

The federal lawsuit ended in 2011 with a $795,000 settlement.

Landau talked about the changes he'd like to see within the Denver Police Department.

"I'd like to see all dangerous officers at least removed from the streets," he said.  "I'd also like to see the investigations that these officers are subjected to shortened." 

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