Denver neighborhood rallies together after 81-year-old woman is target of racist letter

DENVER - The Five Points neighborhood stood together Monday to support an 81-year-old woman who was the target of a racist letter distributed to several blocks this weekend.

Brother Jeff Fard, the director of Brother Jeff's Cultural Center, organized the event at 27th Avenue and Lafayette Street in Denver..

"There is no room for hate and intimidation," said Fard. "Neighbors should not be afraid of those who spread ill intent, ignorance and intolerance in our community. This is unacceptable and we will stand against hate in all forms."

7NEWS first reported the letter Sunday after neighbors contacted the newsroom outraged. Dozens of copies of the same letter were left outside homes in roughly three blocks and a stack was found in a back alley.

The letter was typed in small font and read, "the n***** at [a specific address] needs to hg [sic] to the ghetto theres [sic] no room for n****** or jews in this area."

Denver Police Commander Mike Calo of District 2 told 7NEWS he was shocked by the comments made. He had a dozen officers on bike and foot patrol talk to neighbors in the area on Sunday.

"Because of the content of that letter and the address and the people that it affected, I felt it necessary we get down here because of the plethora of addresses we had to go to door to door. It was going to be very time consuming, and I felt we needed a fairly large team to do that in a relatively quick manner," said Calo.

Denver Police still do not know who is behind the letter. They say they are investigating it as a hate crime.

If anyone has information regarding the letter, they are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP.

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