Denver Mayor Michael Hancock visits Super Bowl Boulevard in Times Square, New York

NEW YORK - Denver mayor Michael Hancock took his first stroll down Super Bowl Boulevard Friday morning. His sightseeing was a short diversion from a series of interviews intended to help promote his city and show support for his team.

The trip is a combination of work and fun for the mayor, who once worked as a Broncos mascot named 'Huddles' and wore that uniform to the 1987 Super Bowl.

"Our city's team is part of the biggest international event and we're proud to be here, we're proud to root them on. I want to be here for them, but also it's for pleasure because I'm a big fan," he said.

Super Bowl Boulevard, the name given to the series of Super Bowl-related attractions that have closed Broadway through Times Square, was mostly closed as the mayor took his walk Friday. The Lombardi Trophy was not yet returned to the glass case overlooking the boulevard and the toboggan run was not yet alive with the laughter of riders.

Still, the mayor looked around and told 7NEWS reporter Marshall Zelinger that he saw potential to do a similar event in Denver. The 16th Street Mall or convention center, he suggested, could easily be transformed into a similar, family-oriented venue.

"This trip is about espousing the fact that Denver can host this event and host it well in our great city. I think we have the infrastructure and the systems in place to do a very good job," the mayor told Zelinger.

Hancock speculated that Denver's bid for a future Super Bowl could be completed this spring.

Although he is working Friday, the mayor said tax money was not used to pay for this trip.

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