Denver International Airport rapist Noel Bertrand sentenced to 6-years-to-life

DENVER - Noel Bertrand, who was convicted of raping a woman at DIA, was sentenced Friday to spend 6-years to life in prison.

The former Marine was found guilty in September of raping a woman at the airport just after midnight on April 12.

At the sentencing, the victim had tears in her eyes as she addressed the court.

"I have a large fear of not being safe anymore," she said.

"He was given a 6 year sentence but I'm here to tell you that essentially life sentence in CO because Mr. Bertrand, based on principle, will not go into therapy sessions and admit that he did this, which means they won't release him," said defense attorney Wadi Muhaisen after the sentencing hearing concluded.

"It's a peace that I can't explain, knowing he's not going to be out there in the community to harm others," the victim said. "The biggest thing that I needed was for him to be put behind bars."

During the trial, Bertrand's defense attorney argued that this was a case of "rough foreplay" and that the woman willingly engaged in it until the couple were caught having sex in a public place.

During the trial, the prosecution showed photos of the woman's black eye.

"Does that look like it was fun?" Deputy District Attorney Isabell Pallares asked.

"This was not some sort of kinky sex act. This was a brutal aggressive attack," Pallares said.

Pallares pointed out the woman refused a kiss from Bertrand. An airport cleaning woman also testified that she saw the man attempt to kiss the woman, who did not reciprocate.

The prosecutor emphasized that the woman testified that she couldn't cry out because the attack triggered an asthma attack and that she could barely breathe.

Pallares talked about the two airlines mechanics who pulled Bertrand off the woman.

"They weren't going to let him go anywhere," Pallares said. "And that's one thing that he (Bertrand) wasn't counting on."

Defense attorney Wadi Muhaisen, however, said Bertrand's accuser only claimed she was raped after the two were caught making love by the two mechanics.

Bertrand served on Marine security details at U.S. embassies in Dublin, Ireland; Caracas, Venezuela; and Doha, Qatar.


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