Denver International Airport power bump knocks out lights; Arc at hangar triggers foam

DENVER - Two incidents at Denver International Airport Thursday morning left some lights knocked out on the concourses and a plane partially covered in foam on Thursday morning.

The airport experienced what officials are calling a "power bump" around 5 a.m.

The "bump" knocked out some lights on concourses, leaving dark areas on the A, B and C concourses, according to airport spokeswoman Laura Coale.

Xcel Energy was called out to investigate.

Around the same time, the fire suppression system was triggered at a United hangar, spraying foam on a 767 inside.

Airport officials initially thought the "power bump" might have triggered that fire suppression system. However, officials now say rain water last night collected on the inside of a door in the hangar. When the door was activated Thursday morning, the water created an electrical arc that created smoke and that set off the fire suppression system.

Denver firefighters were called out to check the fire suppression system at the hangar. Coale said the firefighters were washing the foam off the plane.

United Airlines officials told 7NEWS the plane was not damaged.

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