Denver Health paramedics expect 911 calls to "ramp up" after Broncos game

With temperatures barely reaching double digits on Saturday, paramedics at Denver Health Medical Center said they expect a spike in calls after the Broncos game.

Chief paramedic Scott Bookman told 7NEWS, “As the game ends, people making their way out of the stadium, out of the bars…we're starting to see our volume spike up a little bit.”

Bookman said they only had one visit earlier in the day but staffed Sports Authority Field at Mile High with a dozen paramedics just in case.

“What we're worried about is people who have been drinking all day long related to the game, stay at the bars late tonight and then when they get out in the wee hours of the morning, then they will have consumed a lot of alcohol and their senses may be dulled, and that's really dangerous.”

Meanwhile, fans told 7NEWS they prepared for the cold by dressing in layers. But not everyone was as sensible.

“I’ve got three pairs of pants, four shirts and a jacket,” Tara Reynolds said. “We were up tailgating on the west side before and there were girls wearing just bikini tops and their bodies painted.”

Bookman said if you are outside all day, “Let your extremities warm up slowly. Don't put anything underneath a heat lamp or anything.”

Health experts advise immersing your skin in warm water for 30 to 45 minutes if you begin suffering from third degree frostbite.


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