Denver, Englewood, CDOT will adjust traffic light timing during presidential debates

I-25 closure will force traffic detours

DENVER - Traffic engineers will work late into the night Wednesday to monitor traffic flows on Santa Fe Drive and Hampden Avenue during the presidential debate.

CDOT announced Wednesday that it will shut down a section of I-25 between Santa Fe and Hampden for five hours.

Southbound traffic from central Denver will be detoured onto Santa Fe and northbound traffic from the Tech Center will be detoured onto Hampden.

7NEWS asked Denver Public Works and Englewood city officials what they plan to do avoid massive back-ups on the detour routes.

Ann Williams of the public works department said they’re working with CDOT and with Englewood to adjust the timing of traffic signals.

"We're going to increase the green time on our signals on Santa Fe," Williams said, "so we can get better traffic flow up and down that corridor in a more timely manner."

Englewood Assistant City Manager Michael Flaherty said engineers there will do the same on Hampden.

But Flaherty noted that with 65,000 vehicles a day, Hampden is already at capacity, and that detoured traffic from I-25 will add to congestion.

Flaherty said he expects some drivers will try to circumvent back-ups by turning onto side streets.

Rob Shatraw, who lives on Logan Street near Evans, said he's not looking forward to non-stop traffic in front of his house.

"We might be heading out to Arvada," Shatraw told 7NEWS. "Or just try to get out of town."

But DU student Alisha Stanton said she doesn't expect traffic will be that bad.

"As long as we can park in front of our house and walk where we need to go, I don't think it's that big a deal," Stanton said.

Williams said residents will need to be patient that night.

She said for drivers, the key is to plan ahead and to stick to major arterial streets.

Williams said traffic engineers will be monitoring traffic on the major streets and will take steps to help the flow.

"Again, Denver is planning to extend the green cycle length on traffic signals on the posted detour routes to keep traffic flowing by allowing more vehicles through the signal," she said. "We will be monitoring all the signals in the area from our Traffic Management Center.  We have the ability to make signal timing adjustments throughout the system in real time as needed."



The Downtown Denver Partnership is encouraging people who work downtown to consider alternative means of transportation that day.

Spokeswoman Jenny Starkey said the partnership suggests downtown workers consider taking the bus, using light rail or even riding a bike.

"It'll be a great day for biking or walking to the office," Starkey said. "We can do one of those last fall bike rides before it gets cold."

Starkey noted that 600 U racks have been placed in the downtown area for bicycle riders.

She also said the partnership has several transportation option experts on staff to help employers find options for their employees.





* Exit I-25 at Santa Fe and continue south to Hampden

* Exit I-25 at Santa Fe and continue south to E-470

* Drive west on I-70 to C-470 and travel south to I-25

* Drive east on I-70 to I-225 then south to I-25



* Exit I-25 at Hampden Ave and drive west to Santa Fe then go north to I-25

* Exit 1-25 at I-225 and drive north to I-70 then drive west to I-270 or I-25



* 6th Ave

* Alameda Ave

*Yale Ave



* Wadsworth Blvd

* Sheridan Blvd

* Federal Blvd

* Broadway

* Colorado Blvd

* Monaco Street Pkwy




* I-76 east to I-270 to I-70 to I-225 (preferred)

* I-70 east to I-225 (preferred)

* E-470 to I-70 or I-25 (tollway)



* C-470 west to I-70 (preferred)

* I-225 to I-70 (preferred)

* E-470 to I-70 or I-25 (tollway)

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