Denver dispensaries prepare to sell recreational marijuana on Jan. 1

DENVER - Wednesday marks an historic day in Colorado. That's when licensed shops can begin selling recreational marijuana to people 21 and older.

At the Healing House on South Downing Street in Denver, the wait is almost over.

"We want to open on the first, we're ready," said Hollie Kuznicki, a dispensary employee, in reference to the new retail marijuana laws that legalize recreational use in Colorado on January first.

On Wednesday products like "Sour Dope", "Mob Boss" and "Cherry Kola" will be available for sale to anyone 21 and older.

"We're only going to have about six strains to start with, but as we're able to grow more and get that up and running we should be able to have a bigger variety for you to choose from," said Kuznicki.

The store is one of 14 to obtain a city license to sell what some call the "Colorado cocktail" recreationally in Denver.

Employees  Kuznicki and Parker Book and are in the process of dividing the store into two sections---one side for medical users, the other for recreational.

"As a recreational user you're not going to be able to come over and buy some of the better grade marijuana.  You're going to have to go to the other side of the counter and buy the lower grade stuff," said Book.

They say it'll run much like a liquor store where ID’s will be checked at the door.

"We don't want to compromise our chance of being recreational by breaking a simple rule like that," said Kuznicki.

And they tell 7NEWS that recreational users must buy pot that contains less THC, the chemical found in marijuana.

"I believe it's like a 17 percent THC limit, which is still a really high limit," assures Book.  He’s expecting larger than usual crowds this week at the Healing House.

"The per day limit is going to be one ounce per person. If you're out of state, you only get a quarter of an ounce," said Kuznicki.

There are sure to be some questions that arise over the coming weeks and months as Colorado continues to forge this path.

For more information on the new law you can go to the state's website where they've posted useful information for all of us on what the change means come New Year's day.

For more information, visit the state's website: 

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