Denver detective suspended in prostitution probe

DENVER - A Denver Police detective has been suspended after he was stopped by Lakewood Police with a known prostitute.

Lakewood Police said members of their Special Enforcement Team observed a 49-year-old female, known to engage in prostitution, enter a vehicle in the area of West Colfax Avenue and Ingalls Street on Thursday night. When police stopped the vehicle, the driver identified himself as a Denver Police officer who was not on duty at the time.

Lakewood Police said the two were questioned and released while the investigation continued.

Denver Police identified the detective Monday evening as Michael Ryan.

Denver Police spokesman Sonny Jackson said Ryan is on administrative leave until the outcome of the investigation by Lakewood Police.  Jackson said he will serve his leave at home and not in another capacity within the police department.

Police said Ryan has not been arrested or charged, but the investigation is continuing.

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