Denver decides to deploy residential plows to side streets; Heavy plows continue focus on main roads

Residential plows last deployed in Feb. 2012

DENVER - A secondary fleet of pickup trucks equipped with plows will be deployed in Denver neighborhoods Sunday while the heaviest equipment continues to focus on the main roads.

The residential plows are 4x4 pickups with plows that shave off the top few inches of snow pack. Denver Public Works spokeswoman Ann Williams said the idea is to prevent the deep rutting that can make roads impassable when the snow freezes.

A total of 90 pieces of equipment, including the residential plows and other tools, will be deployed during each shift. The trucks belong to the Department of Public Works, the Department of Parks and Recreation and private contractors. The contractors will add 30 more pieces of equipment to the fleet.

The goal is to have all the plows on the road by 2 p.m.

The 275 city employees operating Denver's residential plows have completed a four-hour training course, Williams said.

The residential plows were last deployed in February 2012, and once before that in 2007. Williams said the light plow concept was developed during the blizzards of 2006-07. The work typically takes three days.

The residential plows do not spread any anti-icing or de-icing material.

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