Denver debates how to handle parking permits in dense residential areas like Capitol Hill

DENVER - Denver apartment dwellers applying for new residential parking permits may find them more difficult to obtain under new rules proposed by the Public Works Department.

The city has long struggled with the reality of too many cars and too few parking spaces, especially in densely populated areas of the city such as Capitol Hill.

Limiting the number of permits given to people moving into apartments with nine or more units has caused a stir, forcing the city to cancel a rule-making hearing last week and participate in a public meeting 6 p.m. Thursday at the Botanic Gardens to discuss the issue.

"I just don't think they like renters," said Nancy Burke, vice president of government affairs for the Apartment Association of Metro Denver, who last week wrote a letter to Public Works manager Jose Cornejo.

"Approximately 15,000 Denver citizens living in over 8,500 units will be impacted," she wrote.

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