Guards at Denver International Airport consider joining a union

HSS Inc's contract at center of council debate

DENVER - About 400 security guards at Denver International Airport are considering joining a union and questions from the city council may have influenced that decision.

The city council had been deciding whether to renew a $5 million contract for HSS Inc. to provide security at DIA. During the debate about whether or not to renew the contract, several council members brought up issues raised by employees, and asked what HSS had done to address the issues and to treat the workers fairly, according to the Denver Post.

This vote to renew the contract was occurring at the same time the Service Employees International Union was trying to organize the workforce, the paper said. SEIU also had filed three claims against HSS with the National Labor Relations Board -- including one allegation of disciplining an employee for wearing a union pin, the newspaper said.

SEIU and HSS finally came to an agreement  -- which allowed workers to have a secret ballot election on whether to organize --  the city council approved the contract. However, some dissenting city council members are upset that the contract was held hostage to the union issue, and that the city council was being used to help organize workers.

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