Denver Broncos head coach John Fox back after surgery, feeling great and having fun

Denver Broncos coach John Fox said he felt great coaching on Sunday and that he, "forgot how fun that was."

Fox was back on the sidelines as the head coach of the Broncos, just a month after having open heart surgery.

"I felt great, I really did. It was great to be back," Fox said. "I had a good week as far as practicing and the energy level and all that. It’s great to be back, I really forgot how fun that was."

Fox was playing golf during the Broncos bye week at the beginning of November when he suddenly felt light headed and had to lay down on the ground.

Fox told "NFL Gameday Morning" that he experienced tunnel vision and was on the brink of death.

Two days later, he had aortic heart valve replacement surgery.

Fox said his heart problem was a birth defect that was first diagnosed in 1997. Fox told "NFL Gameday Morning" that he made a "very poor medical decision" to hold off on open-heart surgery and to continue coaching.

After the game, Fox said he's stronger.

"I actually feel about 130 percent better than I did a month ago," Fox said. "I’m probably stronger as far as that area than I was before. I’ll just continue to be stronger."

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