Denver bars disappointed by the lack of crowds for the Super Bowl

LoDo bars have empty seats during Super Bowl

DENVER - Despite a highly anticipated busy Super Bowl Sunday, dozens of bars in LoDo were left with empty seats by halftime.

Larimer Square glowed with its tent of lights and massive banner that read "United in Orange;" however, the sidewalks and streets were empty. A block over, a few disappointed fans spilled onto the sidewalks around halftime.

Mojito Lounge had hoped for a busy post-game celebration. Bartender Joe Reby was the only one inside during the third quarter.

"We had a bunch of staff prepared to come in tonight. It was kind of based on whether the team would win. Being that the Broncos didn’t play very well, we have 10 to 12 staff members who didn’t come in tonight," Reby said.

Across the street, at one of the busier bars Pour House Pub had a small crowd. General Manager John Elliott told 7NEWS at the peak, they had 150 to 200 people, which was half of what they anticipated.

"With the weather being much colder than it could have possibly been, a lot of people were staying home, doing parties on their own," Elliott said. "I think just as the game progressed we expected to see more people, and of course everything from the opening seconds of the game all the way through to the finish, I think people were just kind of stunned and shocked and ended up either staying where they were or heading home."

Denver police were out in full force Sunday. Dozens could be seen parked along the streets and walking the area.

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