Denver Art Museum accepting proposals to build a sculpture for the plaza

DENVER - As kids, many of us had our artwork displayed on the refrigerator, maybe even on a wall at school.

But have you ever dreamed of seeing your art in a better place? Maybe even a museum?

The Denver Art Museum is looking for a sculpture to put in the plaza this summer. You have to be able to design and build it and it needs to be interactive.

"The parameters are fairly open – design an interactive sculptural installation," the call for proposals says. "Visitors can interact with the piece itself, or the installation can get people to interact with each other. You just have to show us you can not only design it, but that you can build it, too. Make it one structure, make it three – we are open!"

"We would like the sculptural installation to entice and encourage visitor interaction, focusing on the resulting visitor experience," officials said.

Not only does the museum want people to interact with the final product, they'd like visitors to help build it on June 7 and 8.

By the way, the sculpture is going to be outside, so it must handle the weather and the parts need to be secured so they aren't stolen. The sculpture shouldn't involved water or electricity, because access to those are extremely limited.

And don't expect to get rich -- the art museum only has a $15,000 budget for the artist fee and materials.

Proposals are due February 15 and the winner will be announced in March. Learn more on the Denver Art Museum's website.

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