Denver arson investigators trying to determine what caused car fire that severely burned driver

Passersby helped put out flames

DENVER - Denver arson investigators are trying to learn what caused a car to erupt in flames, severely burning a male driver on Monday night.

Dispatchers received a call about 7 p.m. reporting a car crash in a field near West Florida Avenue and South Platte River Drive, said Tony Berumen, a Denver Fire Department spokesman.

Witnesses told firefighters they saw a car rolling over some railroad tracks and into the field, where it came to a stop.

Then a man escaping from the car was engulfed in flames as he climbed out of the passenger compartment, witnesses said.

The witnesses somehow put out the fire on the man and inside the car, Berumen said. The man, who was severely burned, was transported by ambulance to the hospital.

From outside the car, there was no apparent damage that would indicate that the fire was caused by an accident or another person, Berumen said. The fire seemed to originate in the passenger compartment, he added.

Arson investigators from the Denver Fire Department were called to the scene to investigate what caused the fire.

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