Deer wounded by arrow in The Pinery; Homeowners group opposes hunting to control deer overpopulation

THE PINERY, Colo. - State wildlife officials responded to a deer wounded by an arrow in The Pinery community in Douglas County Thursday.

Resident Liz Thomas said she woke up this morning to find law enforcement officers examining the deer behind her yard. The buck, which appeared be three to four years old, was bedded down in high grass with the arrow sticking out of its back.

Thomas said she thinks the deer was shot in her yard, because there is blood along her split-rail fence.

7NEWS has contacted Colorado Parks and Wildlife to see what action, if any, wildlife officers might take regarding the injured deer.

While bow hunting for deer is in season east of Interstate 25, The Pinery Homeowners Association issued a policy statement last month stating it "opposes all use of firearms and archery methods to control the deer population in The Pinery. This would include public hunting, sharpshooters, or other culling efforts." The association also opposes using contraceptives and trapping and relocation to control the deer population.

While saying that deer a natural part of the Ponderosa pine forest where The Pinery is located, the association acknowledged the community has a deer overpopulation problem.

"The density of deer in our community has grown to a level that is causing conflicts with homeowners," the association deer policy report said. "The conflicts include, but are not limited to, vehicle damage, landscape damage, and harassment/injury of pets."   

A 2012 Colorado Parks and Wildlife survey found that, while 60 percent of The Pinery's residents said that seeing deer in the semi-rural development "made them feel connected to nature," nearly 70 percent of those surveyed felt there were too many deer in community.

Some 58 percent of residents surveyed supported allowing recreational hunting in The Pinery, and 57 percent said they would support the use of sharpshooters to reduce deer numbers.

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