Mule deer rescued from frozen lake in Golden

GOLDEN, Colo. - Rescuers have pulled a deer off a frozen lake in Golden.

Neighbor Carol Malin spotted the large mule deer Thursday morning on a lake near Highway 58 at McIntyre Street.

That's near the Coors plant.

Malin called the fire department and 7NEWS.

"It's quite a way out there [on the lake]," Malin said. "It's a beautiful animal."

Coors sent a crew with a boat and a winch to the scene to discuss rescuing the animal. Then Colorado Parks and Wildlife took over.

They determined that the deer was not frozen into lake. It could move, but it couldn't get out. 

Crews tried several different things to get the deer to move, but the animal couldn't get its footing on the slippery ice. A ranger went out on the ice, put a rope around the deer's antlers and crews pulled the deer to safety.

Back on shore, the deer quickly ran off with the rope still partially around its antlers.

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