Debbie's Deals: Wear white and get one free admission when you buy another at Denver Zoo Wednesday

DENVER - If you don't mind the cold, the Denver Zoo has a deal for you on Wednesday.

In celebration of International Polar Bear Day on Wednesday, February 27, the zoo is offering everyone who wears white a free admission when they buy one.

The Zoo and Polar Bears International is also asking visitors to take the "Thermostat Challenge" by turning down the temperature in their home by two degrees to preserve polar bear habitat.

"Reducing our carbon footprint can slow and even reverse climate change, which causes sea ice to melt," zoo officials said in a news release. "Polar bears require sea ice to reach their prey and without it, polar bears can't survive. Even small adjustments by humans can make a big difference."

The buy-one-get-one-free deal is only available on Wednesday, Feb. 27.

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