Debbie's Deals: Get free tickets to see Dave Shirley's Voddville at the Avenue Theater

DENVER - Here's a chance to see a comedy and vaudeville show for free!

The Avenue Theater is offering free tickets to Dave Shirley's Voddville tonight and tomorrow (Jan. 17 and 18).

"Dave Shirley presents to you his unique miss-mash of talents, wrapped in clever wit and irresistible charm, and blended with technology in ways you’ve never imagined," the theater website says. "It’s a wonderful evening of modern vaudeville and comedy that will leave you laughing, thinking, and wondering if Dave is going to be OK."

To get your free tickets, call the box office at 303-321-5925 or send an email to

The show is at 7:30 p.m.

The Avenue Theater is at 417 E. 17th Avenue in Denver.

Thanks to Dave for this deal!

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