Dawna Foxx pleads guilty to embezzling $200K from Breckenridge Film Festival, prosecutors say

BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. - Prosecutors say Dawna Foxx, a woman accused of embezzling more than $200,000 from the Breckenridge Film Festival, pleaded guilty Monday to theft and forgery charges.

According to the plea agreement, Foxx, 67, will be sentenced to a term of up to six years in the Department of Corrections for the felony theft charge, and up to 18 months for the misdemeanor forgery conviction. 

The District Attorney's Office said the investigation into Foxx's activities came after her ex-husband called police with allegations that she stole $20,000 from him and $16,000 from his business partner, as well as $210,000 from the Film Festival.

In the underlying arrest affidavit, a Breckenridge Police Department officer stated that the money stolen from Foxx's victims through fraudulent checks, credit cards, by writing herself checks, ATM withdrawals, and from business accounts, was mostly spent on frivolous expenses such as at casinos, for personal rental vehicles, personal airline flights, personal clothing expenses, gardening supplies, personal phone bills and utility bills.

"Ms. Foxx's theft from a non-profit association, in a community which values generous giving, was a truly selfish act, aggravated by the frivolity of her spending following these thefts," said District Attorney Bruce Brown.

Sentencing for Foxx has been set for August 11.

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