CU student pleads guilty to bringing pot-laced brownies to class, sickening other students

Thomas Cunningham sentenced to community service

BOULDER, Colo. - A student at the University of Colorado has pleaded guilty to bringing marijuana-laced brownies to class as part of a “bring food day."

Thomas Cunningham pleaded guilty to one count of inducing consumption of a controlled substance.

CU campus police said Cunningham, 21, and Mary Elizabeth Essa, 19, baked pot-laced brownies and brought them to class on Dec. 7.

Three people were hospitalized from the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in marijuana, according to the University of Colorado Police Department. Five others reported feeling sick.

Cunningham apologized for the incident, saying he thought the brownies would only give the victims a "euphoric feeling," similar to the one he has when he uses marijuana, according to the Boulder Daily Camera.

The newspaper said Cunningham had a medical marijuana card to treat his back problems.

"I just apologize for the incident," Cunningham said. "I feel very sorry that people were injured as a result of this."

Cunningham was sentenced to 120 hours of community service and $5,218 restitution. The charge will be dismissed in two years if Cunningham completes the requirements of his deferred sentence.

Essa will be arraigned in April.

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