CU releases documents about James Holmes, lists the kinds of documents they won't release

AURORA, Colo. - The University of Colorado has released several new documents about the former graduate student accused of murdering 12 people in a crowded Aurora movie theater, and listed the kinds of documents they would not be releasing.

Judge William Sylvester's decided last week to modify his gag order, allowing the university to release some of the papers related to James Holmes. Sylvester's decision did not apply to any information protected by privacy laws.

The documents CU released Wednesday are:

The building access records include two ID photos of Holmes, including one that had not previously been released.

The access records show several times that Holmes' card was "rejected" from entering certain areas. CU spokeswoman Jacque Montgomery said she couldn't confirm at this time what areas Holmes was not allowed to access.

Asked about an entry on June 15 labeled "RTND STU BDG," Montgomery clarified that it means "returned student badge." The process, she continued, includes deactivating the badge after it is returned.

Previously, CU told 7NEWS that Holmes' card was deactivated on June 12.

"It was stated in good faith," Montgomery said, but she also promised to review the information.

Holmes allegedly opened fire in the theater on July 20. An entry in the log on that day shows CU checked to confirm the card was no longer active.

Additionally, in response to requests from 7NEWS, the university said Holmes did not have an expense account or procurement card.

7NEWS also requested a copy of Holmes' Internet browsing history, but the university replied that such information would be on his personal laptop and unavailable to them.

CU said it will not release records about Holmes from the campus police department, including reports of any encounters with Holmes, cell phone records or communications about him. Nor will the university release any documents related to his academic record, his grades or communications between Holmes and his teachers about his education.

The University said those documents are not subject to Colorado's open records law.

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