CU Police identify peeping tom suspect, say he is already in jail for separate sexual assault

Brandon Heginger held on $100,000 bond

BOULDER, Colo. - One day after the University of Colorado Boulder Police Department asked for the public's help identifying a peeping Tom suspect, officers say they have their man.

Turns out, it's a man already in custody for a sexual assault the same night.

Police say Brandon Heginger, 22, is the individual responsible for the April 13 "peeping Tom" incident at Libby Hall on the CU-Boulder Campus.

An unidentified female student told investigators that she was in one of the women’s restrooms when she looked down and saw a man looking up from underneath a stall partition at 2:30 a.m.

Police say the suspect initially got away, but was caught on security cameras.

“It’s really creepy,” said fellow Libby Hall resident Janine Cruz. “And honestly, they always say we’re safe in the dorms and they’re always locked, so it’s weird that a guy came in at all.”

Police say it appears that someone left one of the doors propped open that night, which allowed the suspect to gain entry.

Several residents told 7NEWS they had no idea there had been a peeping Tom incident at Libby Hall.

When asked why police didn’t notify students, Cmdr. Robert Axmacher said they had difficulty re-connecting with witnesses to confirm whether the man on the security video was the same one spotted in one of the restrooms.

“Without the witness confirmation, we were unsure if the male in the video was involved,” Axmacher said.

Once they confirmed his identity, police posted the information on their website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.  But not everyone saw it.  Axmacher said they were in the process of emailing students when they learned the identity of the suspect and learned that he was already in jail.

“It’s shocking and I’m kind of scared,” said Libby Hall resident Madi Tehben. “I hope it wasn’t my bathroom that he was in. I live on the second floor, so I hope that wasn’t the case.”

Heginger was arrested by Boulder Police in connection with a burglary and sexual assault that also happened April 13.

In that case, a woman told police she was home asleep on Grandview Avenue between 2:30 a.m. and 4:30 a.m. when she woke up to a man touching her inappropriately.

"She confronted the male, and the male left the residence," Boulder Police said in a news release.

Investigators said the man took several items from the victim's apartment, including a laptop, which authorities tracked to a home in Lakewood.

Police said they searched that home and arrested Heginger on suspicion of sexual assault, burglary and theft.

"Detectives interviewed Heginger, who admitted that after a night of partying with friends, he randomly chose the victim’s home, broke into it and sexually assaulted her," police said.

Heginger is being held on $100,000 bond in the Boulder County Jail after being charged with First Degree Burglary, two counts of Sexual Assault and one count of Theft.

The victim’s home on Grandview Avenue is about 1.2 miles from Libby Hall.

Police say the suspect is not affiliated with CU.

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