CU Boulder asks students to avoid racist and stereotype costumes, parties

BOULDER, Colo. - The University of Colorado at Boulder has asked students not to wear stereotypical and offensive costumes for Halloween.

"If you are planning to celebrate Halloween by dressing up in a costume, consider the impact your costume decision may have on others in the CU community," Dean of Students Christina Gonzales said in a message to students last week.

Gonzales said dressing up as someone from another culture, "can lead to inaccurate and hurtful portrayals of other peoples' cultures."

In her message, she cited offensive ideas like wearing blackface or sombreros/serapes and dressing up as geishas, "squaws," and even cowboys and Indians.

The dean also asked students not to hold offensively-themed parties like "ghetto" or "white trash/hillbilly" or with themes connected to crime or sex work.

"The goal of CU-Boulder this Halloween and every day is to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone," Gonzales wrote. "While everyone has the freedom to be expressive, we also encourage you to celebrate that you are a part of a vibrant, diverse CU community that strives toward respecting others."

Read the message:

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