CSU reviews party registration program after police use tear gas to break up off-campus party

FORT COLLINS, Colo. - CSU is reviewing the program designed to keep parties from getting out of control, one week after police used tear gas to break up a rowdy off-campus party.

Currently, the university collects information about the student hosting the party including their name, address, two phone numbers, ID and the number of people expected to attend. However, the police officers working that night never receive the information unless someone calls in a complaint.

Fort Collins police chief John Hutto said he thinks that needs to change.

"As we move forward and use this as a learning moment for us, we're in discussions with the university about what can we do to make this better," Hutto said. "Where we probably need to make some changes or improvements is the information flowing back to the police department. If there's going to be a large party we probably need to know numbers."

CSU spokesperson Mike Hooker said it's difficult to balance the need to get information to police that is pertinent without disuading students from registering their parties.

"We are looking at to what degree the prediction of how many guests might show up at a party should be shared across agencies," Hooker said. "We have to strike the right balance of how this information is used so that people will feel comfortable registering."

Hooker said they are aware social media played a large role in the most recent incident and the university is putting an emphasis on discouraging students from posting events online.

Last weekend, the university called the hosts of the 26 parties registered to remind them to be responsible, especially after the recent party that grew out of control.

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