Crime alert: Be careful what you post on Facebook, Twitter, other social media sites

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. - Have you ever told friends on Facebook or Twitter that you're going on vacation in __ days? Maybe posted a picture as you crossed the state line?

"On-line sites such as Google Street View, Facebook, Twitter, and Four Square are being used by burglars to target our homes and businesses," according to a crime prevention email from the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.

Over 75 percent of convicted burglars believe other burglars are using social media to find targets, according to


Many people post information about their work schedule, their vacation plans, their new electronics and their whereabouts during the day by checking into places like Starbucks. That tells burglars you're not home and what new items may be inside your home.

The Sheriff's Office recommends limiting your information to friends only, never letting Facebook post your location and only posting photos of trips and activities after you've returned home.

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