Man dead after colliding with brother-in-law on motorcycles on eastbound I-70 at Airport Road

Police: Motorcyclists were driving too fast

AURORA, Colo. - A motorcyclist riding side-by-side with his brother-in-law died when the bikes collided Monday morning on eastbound Interstate 70.

The crash happened about 11:18 a.m. in a construction zone near Tower Road, where two lanes narrow to one, the Aurora Police Department said.

Police said the two riders were trying to merge into one lane when the handlebars of one bike clipped the other. This caused one motorcyclist to veer to the left, striking two orange construction zone barrels used to direct traffic. The motorcyclist lost control and was thrown under the rear trailer wheels of a semi-tractor trailer.

Police said they suspect the motorcyclists were driving too fast for the construction-zone conditions. Both riders weren't wearing their helmets, which instead were strapped to their bikes.

"At this time all indications are that the deceased rider is the person at fault and we do not expect to file any charges in this case," police said. The motorcyclists were visiting from out of state. Their names have not been released.

"We remind drivers to slow down in construction zones due to the higher density of vehicles and limited space to maneuver. It is spring and motorcyclists are riding, please watch for each other," police said.

Eastbound I-70 was closed for several hours, but it reopened at around 5 p.m.

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