Couple that survived Aurora theater shooting marries exactly one year later

AURORA, Colo. - A year has passed since Kirstin Davis and Eugene Han faced death together on a terrible night inside an Aurora movie theater.

Now, they are man and wife.  They tied the knot Saturday at Village East Baptist Church in Aurora.

The two childhood friends were on a date to see the latest Batman movie. It was supposed to be an enjoyable night out. Instead, it turned into a nightmare that left the two fighting for their lives after they were caught in the crossfire at the Century 16 Theater.

Twelve people were killed that night and 70 others were injured. Han pulled Davis from her seat to safety but was shot twice, once in the hip and once in the knee. Davis suffered minor injuries.

Both had a tremendous emotional battle ahead, but also had their faith to carry them through the long recovery process.

"It's kind of given me a boost in my faith, 'cause I did see God protect us that night," said Han.

As they recovered, they became closer. They decided that fate drew them together on that terrible July night in 2012.

Now, the young couple will make permanent their commitment to each other. They've decided to get married precisely one year after they almost died in each other's arms.

"That day getting shot was kind of like a moment, oh my goodness, this is what we need to do," said Han.

The ceremony wasn't a sad affair, even though it falls precisely one year after the shooting.

"It is a celebration, because a year ago the day, he was shot. And he could have died." said Davis. "(We were) definitely meant to be together."

She told 7NEWS reporter Marc Stewart she has to stay positive.

"I can't look at all the negative. Because if I were to look at the negative, I would be a basket case really."

She said she has to move forward.

"Bad things happen but you can keep going," said Davis.


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