Couple sees stolen truck in Colorado Springs, grabs driver until police arrive

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A couple driving in Colorado Springs Wednesday night were surprised when they looked at the vehicle in the next lane and spotted their truck that had been stolen.

Kim and Ray Lannigan were stopped at a light at 8th and Cimarron streets when Kim said she recognized the truck.

Police said the Lannigans moved their vehicle in front of the stolen truck, grabbed the driver out of the truck and were holding her when officers arrived.

"I was sitting at the light, and telling my husband, 'You know I just want to see my truck, that's all,'" said Kim Lannigan. "I happened to look over to my right, and with God as my witness, wait a minute, that's my truck."

A TV station crew arrived before officers and found Kim Lannigan holding the driver by the hair.

"This is my truck, this is my truck, she stole it," Lannigan was yelling.

"With all the vehicle thefts that's been going on, this is one of them, and we were lucky enough to find it," said Ray Lannigan.

The Lannigan's said the driver was someone they let stay in their home.

Police said they arrested the driver for an unrelated crime.

"It's amazing, amazing, amazing," said Kim Lannigan.

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