Coroner: Home intruder killed by multiple gunshots in clash with Grand County sheriff's deputy, wife

Coroner: Michigan man was in town looking for work

GRAND COUNTY, Colo. - A Michigan man was killed by multiple gunshots to the torso during a violent confrontation with a Grand County sheriff's deputy and his wife, a coroner's official said Wednesday.

Authorities said Joshua Stevens, 31, of Coral, Michigan, was killed after he forced his way into the Hot Sulphur Springs home of the couple just before just before midnight on Monday.

A violent struggle ensued between the intruder and the couple that spilled outside where Stevens was shot several times and died on the sidewalk, witnesses told 7NEWS.

Pam Russell, spokeswoman for the First Judicial District Attorney's Office, said the off-duty sheriff's deputy fired a gun. His wife, who is a Grand County prosecutor and a sworn peace officer, also had a gun, but investigators haven't disclosed whether she fired it.

Investigators have not disclosed who fired the shots that killed Stevens. Russell said she didn't know if Stevens was armed.

The husband and wife did suffer minor injuries during their struggle with the intruder.

A Grand County Coroner's Office official said the investigation is ongoing and the coroner is awaiting toxicology tests to determine if Stevens was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The wife called 911 before the altercation erupted and said a stranger was at her front door, behaving erratically and causing a disturbance, according to Susan Medina, spokeswoman for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

The investigation revealed the man pushed his way into the home at 509 Grand Avenue, triggering the violent confrontation that ended with Stevens being shot, Medina said.

Authorities believe Stevens had come to Hot Sulphur Springs to look for work and had been there for about a week.

Stevens has a criminal record.

In 2008, Stevens was convicted in Florida of fleeing police in a speeding car and served a year in jail, according to court records.

In 2002, he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor retail fraud in Ionia County, Michigan, and was sentenced to 75 days in jail, court records said.

Medina said investigators do not believe the incident is linked to the recent shooting deaths of Colorado prisons chief Tom Clements and the district attorney and an assistant district attorney in Kaufman County, Texas. However, investigators continue to pursue all possible leads and background information on the male intruder killed in the shooting.

Because the incident involves a Grand County prosecutor and a sheriff's deputy, county District Attorney Brett Barkey asked the CBI and the First Judicial District Attorney's Office in Jefferson County to take over the investigation to avoid county law enforcement officials investigating their colleagues.

Both the deputy district attorney and the sheriff's deputy have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

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