Construction at Denver International Airport changes drop off, pick-up areas at Terminal West

Parking not affected

DENVER - If you're traveling through Denver International Airport or just picking up family or dropping people off, there is a construction project you need to know about.

The airport is in the process of building a hotel, train station, and public plaza as part of the South Terminal redevelopment program. The project includes demolishing and reconfiguring the elevated roadways that connect Pena Boulevard to the south end of Jeppesen Terminal.

Parking is not impacted, but there are detours in the passenger pick-up and drop-off areas.

If you’re picking-up passengers on Terminal West:

  • Arrival (passenger pick-up) traffic is being detoured through the parking garage to pick-up passengers curbside on Level 4.
  • Vehicles accessing passenger pick-up lanes are not required to pull a parking ticket.

If you’re dropping-off passengers on Terminal West:

  • Departure (passenger drop-off) traffic is being detoured off Peňa Boulevard to enter Level 6 from the north.

If you're dropping-off or picking-up passengers on Terminal East, there are no changes.

Read more on the construction project and changes.

By 6 a.m. on Wednesday, the Pikes Peak shuttle lot and both economy parking lots were full. For the latest information on what parking lots are available, visit or call 303-DIA-PARK.

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