Condo owners say HOA refuses to address flooding issues

LITTLETON, Colo. - A condo complex parking lot and carport flooded, and condo owners say the HOA refuses to do anything about it.

Many of the condo owners at Marston Villas in Littleton say their HOA, Mile High Management Group, LLC is being negligent when it comes to flooding issues. And given the weather this spring, it's a problem that's costing condo owners thousands in damages to their vehicles.

"You have an entire complex, 13 buildings here, draining into one spot," said condo owner, Jessica Anderson. Anderson's spot in the carport happens to sit right on top of the drainage grate.

The rain water from the May 24 storm and others runs right into the drain under Anderson's parking spot in the carport of her condo complex.

"And it fills all the way up, past the doors on my car," she said.

The May 24 storm caused more than $7,000 in damage to her 2012 KIA.

And it's happened more than once. In June 2012 her insurance company totaled her car after it was flooded sitting in the same spot after a torrential downpour and thunderstorm.

But the HOA refuses to fix the drainage issue according to Anderson and other condo owners.

"The HOA has even used the words that I drew the, 'shortest straw,'" said Anderson.

The same storm a few weeks ago even flooded out Shawn Snyder's Toyota Camry two spots over.

"When I came out, the water was up to here," said Snyder, pointing to the middle of his driver side door.

"I want this fixed," said Snyder. "I have to park here. I don't have a choice. If I park elsewhere in the complex, I get ticketed."

The condo owners here say it's an easy fix: make the drain and the pipe underground bigger. They pay $200 a month in HOA fees, which they say should easily pay for a fix.

"I'm not hearing back at all," said Snyder of his multiple phone calls and messages to the HOA manager, Brenda Crubaugh.

"My frustration is that a permanent solution to the situation isn't being examined," said Anderson. "They aren't doing anything about it."

Anderson has even suggested a simpler fix, just moving the carport down a few spots and blocking off the spots that flood on the lower end.

She's received no response from the HOA on that suggestion.

7NEWS tried contacting Mile High Management Group and Crubaugh, we have not heard back.

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