Condo complex parking garage flooded; Aurora studying drainage problems in area

For Shanee Schwartz looking at her car is a bad case of deja vu.

"Brand new car and look at it.  It still has all the water inside of it.  It had a touch screen radio, looks like a fishbowl," Schwartz said while looking at her flooded car.

Thursday night's storm dumped as much as 2-inches of rain in the area, flooding the garage at 1111 East Alameda street in Aurora.

Residents snapped pictures showing multiple cars floating in the garage.  Schwartz told 7NEWS this is the second car she's lost to flooding in the same garage.  In 2011, her Pathfinder was destroyed during a similar flood.

"The management's not even compassionate about it, they're rude.  It's an 'act of God' they said," Schwartz told 7NEWS.

The property manager, Ina Meyer, said the complex recently put in a new pump. Meyer said the pumps were working but the city storm drain could not handle it.

Meyer said MartinMartin Engineering Company conducted a study of that area in October 2011 and concluded that rerouting the water away from the structure was the best idea but that would have been the city’s responsibility.

However, Gabi Johnson with the City of Aurora said that apartment complex was not part of the Easterly Creek Outfall Systems Planning study that Meyer was referring to. Instead, the complex located at 1111 E. Alameda Ave. is a part of new study that began earlier this year called the Urban Westerly Creek Major Drainage Way Plan.

The study conducted with Urban Water, Aurora and Denver is occurring because there are drainage issues in this area, not just the complex, Johnson said.

However, Johnson said these studies typically take 16 months to 2 years. Once complete, the group will provide a list of recommendations to fix the problem. So it may be several years before anything is fixed so the parking garage may flood again before any changes are made.

Engineers went out to the complex on Friday after 7NEWS contacted the city about the issues. The engineers found there were some maintenance issues with the storm drains and are currently performing that work, Johnson said.

"We’re going to look back at the previous drawings and plans and determine what the solution may be,” said Pieter Van Ry, an engineer with the City of Aurora Water Department.

"Just because somebody decided to do a poor design, other people have to pay the consequences," said Ley Mora whose car was also damaged.

Residents said the blame game is getting old.

"My spirits are broken, somebody needs to do something about this," said Schwartz.

The city said it hopes to have some answers by early next week, but finding a solution will be a long term process.

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