Black Friday and Thanksgiving night best shopping deals for Walmart, Target and Best Buy

DENVER - Are you planning to shop on Thanksgiving or Black Friday?

There's a lot of backlash this year for stores opening on Thanksgiving, because it means workers won't be able to spend the day with their families. However, if you want the best deals, you'll have to shop on Thanksgiving evening.

Here's a roundup of some of the best deals:

-- Walmart, opening Thursday at 6pm

- 60" Vizio LED HDTV, $688

- 32" LED HDTV, $98 (brands vary by store)

- Laptop with 500 GB hard drive, 4 GB memory, $278

- 16 GB, iPad mini and with Wi-Fi, $299 (includes $100 gift card)

- PS4, with controller and headset, $399

- PS3, likely with no controller or extras, $149

See the ad for yourself:

-- Best Buy, opening at 6pm Thursday

- 65" Samsung LED HDTV, $999.99

- 55' LG LED HDTV, $499.99

- 16GBM iPad 2 with Wi-Fi, $299.99

- 16GB iPad nano, $99.99

- Dell Laptop with 320GB harddrive, 4GB memory, $177.99 (lots of others are more expensive)

- Sony Blu-ray player, $54.99

- PS3 with 1 controller and 2 games, $199.99

See the ad for yourself:

-- Target, opening at 8pm Thursday

- 50" Element HDTV, $229 (they have lots of other sizes and brands on sale)

- Sony Blu-ray player, $54.99

- 10" portable DVD player, $59

- 16GB iPad mini with Wi-Fi, $299 with $75 gift card (Walmart offering $100 gift card)

See the Target ad:

See more Black Friday ads here:  Go to the right side of the screen to see all of the available ads.

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