Company proposes monorail between Boulder and Longmont

SkyTran says line could be built by 2016

What looks like transportation from the future could solve problems in the present, according to SkyTran Colorado's CEO Paul Williamson, who says the company has private investors ready to pay for a Boulder-to-Longmont monorail line.
SkyTran is holding a public information session at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Boulder Library to talk about its proposal to build the Colorado City Connector, which could be the world's first 15-mile solar-and hydrogen-powered monorail connecting the two cities.
Here's a video of what it would look like:
Dr. Paul Williamson, SkyTran Colorado's CEO, said the company has private investors lined up to pay for the $250 million project, but first, the company needs to secure right-of-way from the Colorado Department of Transportation.
"We believe that with the state of transportation in our country we need to come up with some innovations," said Williamson.
Commuters would ride in three-person pods, and the ride  would cost anywhere from 20 to 50 cents a mile.
Amy Ford, CDOT spokeswoman, said  that the idea of private-public partnerships is something CDOT is interested in, but the agency is not ready to give the green light, yet.
"We will certainly pay attention, look for it, but there's a ways to go yet on this one and obviously proving the technology first is probably our first step," said Ford. "Safety is a concern, environmental issues are a concern." 
In Longmont, though, where people are frustrated by major delays in Fastracks, the city council is considering whether to issue a public letter of support for the monorail company at Tuesday's meeting.
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