Colorado's 2 spellers- Teddy Schoenfeld, Alex Jurich- eliminated from the 2014 National Spelling Bee

WASHINGTON - Both Colorado students in the Scripps National Spelling Bee were eliminated from the competition Wednesday afternoon.

Although both of the spellers got their words right on stage during the second and third round, the two apparently did not have sufficient scores on the computerized test in the first round to be among the 50 students who move on to the semifinals.

Speller #29, Teddy Schoenfeld, of Boulder, spelled basmati correctly in round two and metallurgy in round three.

Speller #30, Alex Jurich, of Denver, spelled tamarind and beefalo correctly.

The 46 spellers who survived the cut will move on to the semifinals Thursday morning and the finals Thursday night on ESPN. All of the advancing spellers had a cumulative score of at least 28 points.

Some of the words spelled incorrectly Wednesday morning include keeshond, commissar, philately, viaticum, foley, taurine and Weimaraner.

After the list of semifinalists was released, the Bee also released the test the spellers took and the correct answers.

Scripps is the parent company of KMGH-TV & in Denver.

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