Colorado waiting to hear on reimbursement plans for National Park costs during shutdown

DENVER - While the government shutdown is over, state officials in Colorado and several other states are still waiting to hear whether they'll be reimbursed for the money they paid to reopen some national parks.

ABC News reported that the initial Senate bill to end the shutdown included reimbursement with interest for the five states.

However, according to the Denver Post, the government did not include reimbursement for the national park's operating costs when it passed the final version of the bill.

The U.S. Interior Department says Congress will have to decide whether to repay the states.

Under terms announced by federal officials, Colorado agreed to donate $362,700 in state cash to bring furloughed National Park Service employees back to work for 10 days. The money came from the Colorado Tourism Office, in hopes it would help Estes Park rebound from losses during the floods last month.

Because the shutdown ended before the 10 days Colorado paid for, the Post said Colorado expects to get at least $120,000 refunded.

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