Colorado unveils new mountain logo and new slogan: 'It's our nature'

DENVER - Colorado is rolling out a state brand that officials hope will increase tourism and economic development.

The new logo with a snow-capped green mountain and a new slogan, "It's our nature," is being unveiled Thursday. The logo itself is dubbed the "Peak."

From now through July 2014, all 22 Colorado state agencies will transition to the new brand. While digital assets will be transitioned quickly, the agencies will exhaust their existing stock of collateral (pamphlets, stationary, signage, etc.) and other hardcopy materials gradually, to eliminate any unnecessary waste, according to Making Colorado, the group charged with creating the logo and brand.

This logo will not replace the Colorado flag. Creators said the new logo is a registered trademark that cannot be used without express permission from the state.

"We have a state flag and seal, but until now Colorado has never had a unified brand," said Aaron Kennedy, chief marketing officer for the State of Colorado. "This brand will not only help Colorado attract talent and jobs, but also save public dollars by eliminating the need to manage individual brands for each agency and department in state government."

Kennedy said the new logo builds from the state's license plate because many identified Colorado with it. It also incorporates one of the state's main attractions -- the mountains.

It cost $1.1 million in private donations and $1.5 million in pro-bono work. State agencies will transition to using the logo within the year and Colorado companies will also place it on products.

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