Colorado State University professor Russ Schumacher returns to Jeopardy tonight

FORT COLLINS, Colo. - A Colorado State University professor is going back to "Jeopardy!" 10 years after he won the Tournament of Champions.

Russ Schumacher won four games on the show in 2003, then he won the Tournament of Champions in 2004.

He's been invited back to compete in a special series called the "Battle of the Decades." Schumacher is competing in the 2000s competition.

"[You want to] play as well as you can and win as many games as you can," Schumacher said.

Schumacher said all of his appearances on Jeopardy! have coincided with major events in his life. He got engaged just before he was called to be on the show in 2004. He got married shortly after after he was called back for the 2004 Tournament of Champions.

"The time, we had a baby recently," Schumacher said. "Now maybe we need to have more kids."

While we won't spoil the surprise of how he did, you can watch Schumacher tonight on Jeopardy! at 6 p.m. on Denver's 7.

Learn more about Schumacher in the video below. (Mobile users, click here:

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