Colorado State Shooting Association plans to sue over gun control laws

Opponents say laws are unconstitutional

DENVER - The National Rifle Association's affiliate in Colorado plans to file a federal lawsuit as soon as new gun control laws go into effect.

"There is a lawsuit being prepared right now that several plaintiff groups are looking at filing," said Anthony Fabian, president of the Colorado State Shooting Association.

Last week, Governor John Hickenlooper signed three gun control measures into law, and Fabian said they are all unconstitutional.

"The background check fee, for example, is essentially  a poll tax," said Fabian. "Charging someone to exercise a constitutional right is illegal."

Fabian said the group will file the lawsuit after the new laws go into effect on July 1.

On March 21, the Rifle and Pistol Association, the New York affiliate of the NRA, filed suit in federal court challenging that state's new gun control measures.

New York's gun control measures banning assault weapons and limiting the size of magazines were enacted in January and were the first after the mass shootings in Newtown and Aurora.

A spokesman for Governor John Hickenlooper said they would not comment on a lawsuit that someone was thinking about filing.

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