Colorado Springs great horned owls' nest causes traffic jams as crowds gather, police say

Police barricaded the area to protect the owls

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A great horned owls’ nest in Colorado Springs has been causing traffic jams as crowds gather to see the birds, police say.

The nest, located at the corner of Centennial and Vindicator, has drawn groups of people who wanted a better view of the owls. Some stood in the roadway to view the nest, blocking traffic, according to police.

Police barricaded and taped off the area to reduce intrusion into the owls’ living space and to protect bystanders. Owls may attack people too close to the nest if they feel threatened, police say.

Police reminded people Saturday that the great horned owl is an endangered species, and interference with the nest could lead to federal charges by the Department of Wildlife. Standing in the road to see the owls could also lead to charges relating to obstructing traffic.

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