Colorado senators elected in historic recall sworn in

DENVER - The state senators elected to office during an historic recall election were sworn in Thursday.

Last month, voters recalled Senator Angela Giron of Pueblo and Senate President John Morse of Colorado Springs over their votes on gun control.

Bernie Herpin and George Rivera were elected to take their place. They took the oath of office in front of a packed Senate gallery.

Morse and Giron are the first two state office holders to be recalled in state history.

Morse and Giron are Democrats. Herpin and Rivera are Republicans.

Democrats still control the Senate but the recalls mean they only have a one-vote advantage now, with 18 Democrats and 17 Republicans. Democrats control the House.

The ouster of Morse and Giron does not change Colorado's gun law. However, Herpin told 7NEWS he would like to sponsor a bill to revoke the ban on magazines of 15 rounds or greater.

Herpin helped start the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition 20 years ago. The group is a southern Colorado gun rights organization.

"I will work to restore our rights," said Herpin.

The bill to ban magazines that hold more than 15 rounds passed 18-17. If everyone voted the same this year, with the subtraction of Morse and Giron and the addition of Herpin and Rivera, the ban would have failed.

Had Herpin and Rivera been in office this year, the bill requiring background checks on all firearms sales and the fee on background checks would have also failed.

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