Colorado School of Mines Student thanks Reddit for saving life

Chase Tyree finds cancer after reading post

GOLDEN, Colo. - A 21-year-old college student thanks Reddit and a man who posted on the site for saving his life.  After reading a post, he discovered he had testicular cancer.

It's safe to say that as a computer science major at Colorado School of Mines, Chase Tyree was more worried about coding than cancer, until two weeks ago when he read on the social media site Reddit a post from a user called “uniballer,” who had been diagnosed with testicular cancer and posted a photo of his removed testicle.

"I had been experiencing some of the same symptoms he had," said Tyree. "Swelling in one testicle, and it was hard as a rock."

Testicular cancer is rare, but it is the most common cause of cancer for American males between the ages of 15 and 35, according to the Testicular Cancer Society. It is highly treatable, though, if caught early.

Mike Craycraft, found of the Testicular Cancer Society, said the problem is no one is talking about the disease.

In late November, the society completed a nationwide survey asking 1,000 men age 18-34, "Which of the following people have spoken to you about testicular cancer?"

The participants choices to answer were: My Doctor, My Parent, My High School Teacher/Nurse, My College Professor/Nurse, My Sports Coach or None of the Above.

For the question the participants could select multiple answers and the order of the choices were randomly presented as it was an online survey.

Nearly 71 percent selected "none of the above," 16 percent selected my doctor, 7 percent selected my parent. 6 percent my high school teacher/nurse, 4 percent my coach, 3 percent my college professor/nurse.

"Overall, these results are dismal," said Craycraft. "It is said that a person has to hear a message 3 times to retain it, and in this situation no one is talking about testicular cancer to even get the first message across."

Tyree said doctors found a malignant tumor in his left testicle and just a few days after seeing the Reddit post, he had surgery to have it removed.

"I never got it checked out because I never got any kind of talk about a male self exam," said Tyree. "When I first went to the health center, I was kind of stuttering at first because to say "One of my testicles feels wrong' is hard. But whatever, it's life, it's anatomy, just go with it."
Now, Tyree said he is not shy about warning others.
"When I first went to the health center, I was kind of stuttering at first because to say one of my testicles feels wrong feels wrong to say. But now, whatever, it's life, it's anatomy, just go with it," said Tyree.


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