Colorado school funding overhaul gets first review in Senate committee

DENVER - State lawmakers are going to review a bill that would revamp public school funding.

Senate Bill 213 is a sweeping overhaul that will be reviewed for the first time Tuesday. Senate Education Committee has reserved the biggest room in the Capitol to start work on the complicated rewrite.

The bill before lawmakers Tuesday is just the start of the work, though. The bill relies on approval by voters of a new tax, likely a higher income tax.

If it becomes law and voters approve the tax increase, the bill would allocate the revenue this way:

- $100 million annually to the Education Innovation Grant Fund

- $80 million annually for distribution as special education funding

- $6 million annually to a statewide program to provide career opportunities for highly effective educators

- $5 million annually for funding programs for gifted or talented students

- $5 million annually to cover costs of a data system for a new financial and human resource reporting system

- $1.3 million annually for distribution to the boards of cooperative services

- $1 million for the costs of the mill levy vote

Senate Bill 213:

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